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We were unable to secure the usual Nanovan for this show, so we sent The New Guy out to rent something.
He's one of those Car Guys, so we figured he'd show up with... you know... a van or something.

Instead, what do we get? A Station Wagon! Yes, that's right. A Station Wagon. Like the kind driven by
those people who take their kids to soccer practice. The least Heavy Metal vehicle I can think of. Except
maybe a tricycle. And even then, at least Darryl Dwarf rode one.

Anyway... apparently the concept of what's "cool" with regards to cars has changed over the years, because all
the "Car Guys" seemed to be really impressed with it. Who knew?

Here's what Steve has to say about it...

Holy hell, this thing was hilarious buckets of fun. Not only was it
exorbitantly huge, it was extraordinarily fast for a vehicle of its
size. The handling was absolutely top notch as I repeatedly took
onramps at speeds a bit steeper than I would expect it to be able to
handle. I think I managed to get the tires to just slightly begin to
squeal all of once, but there was little to no feel of any wheel losing
its grip as I poured on more and more power through the rear wheels.

Unfortunately, this was not the model equipped with the Hemi, and that
came to be the most frequently spouted phrase whenever any of the many
people asking me about the vehicle would inquire about it.

Still, the 3.5L V6 provided plenty of neck-snapping, Civic-killing fun as
I would bring up the RPMs to 7,000 on the tachometer that bore no red line.

Bring the engine up to the upper echelons of its safe operating levels
does make for some thirsty cylinders. I filled up at the Canadian Tire
before I left Whitby on Sunday, finding 77.9 / L to be a bargain.

I have absolutely no idea what any of that means.

So anyway... Trench Run, the Divine, and Perdition all put on great shows. Perdition had scantily-PVC-clad
dancing girls, so that was cool. And we played what I believe to be our tightest show yet. Steve got so
excited about it, in fact, that later on he got all fucked up on crystal meth and wiper fluid, then went to
the Matrix and killed a guy...

So thanks, as usual, to everyone that made this show happen and to everyone that came out to support us.

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