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Quote of the Day: "We've got two pieces of bad news for you: Hypofixx couldn't make it. And we could."

Wow, that was one hell of a day.

Load-in was at 11am, so I was leaving my house to get to our rehearsal space earlier
than I would have to to get to work. Then, just as I was approaching the door, I got
a call from Scworm telling me that the van is pooched and we'll have to rent. Luckily
there was one available. And it was HUGE! Which would have come in handy had we been
moving all our gear but backline was provided for this show, so we could have probably
hauled all our crap in a Civic if we really needed to. But hey... in the words of
J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, "Too much is always better than not enough".

So anyway... Scworm showed up eventually and we loaded our crap into the vast leviathan
of a van with no stacking required. Everything had it's own bit of floorspace. We showed
up at the Vatikan late, but still managed to get there way before the doors opened. Thus
began about 16 straight hours of hanging out in the Vatikan moving cables, since I had
also agreed to help Steven tech the night.

During setup, there was a balloon-related head injury involving so much blood that at
first I thought it was a Halloween prank. Luckily, Mimi from Trench Run is a doctor,
and took control of the situation quite nicely until the ambulance arrived. The dude
was back a few hours later to enjoy the show with a few surgical staples holding things
together. He looked very "horror show" as Alex DeLarge would say.

Much of the rest of the night is a blur. Sadly, that's due to me being busy and not due
to alcohol. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. All the bands were good and a couple were great.
I am constantly amazed by the quality and amount of talent we have in this city.

We went on at... um... I actually don't know. 10:30, maybe? All I know is I was doing
sound when Steven suddenly said "You guys are up next".

The set started with some technical issues which slowed things down a bit and really threw
us off our game at first. Have you ever been on a stage, had someone announce you, and then
had to stand there looking at the sound board and saying "Um... I can't hear anything", while
you jiggle various cables to try to figure out what the problem is? No? I envy you. The
whole thing lasted maybe a minute, but it felt like an eternity. A very embarrasing eternity.
We went from "Yay, the place is packed!" to "Oh, shit, the place is packed!" very quickly.

But all of that was forgotten once we started playing. I had some guitar issues for the
first three songs, but once I worked those out, (a challenging thing to do while playing)
we really got our groove on and played what we all agree to be a really good show. And
the audience seemed to agree. So we went back to "Yay, the place is packed!", which
is much better.

Thanks to Steven, Dem,, all the bands, and everyone who came out.
It was an awesome night.

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