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The Funhaus - October 15th, 2006

Wow. Just... wow. That was a long day. And totally worth it.

We started out later than we had hoped, due to traffic issues caused by
people running down the street. It turned out to be a marathon, much to
my chagrin. I was hoping for a zombie uprising. Oh well. Can't win 'em
all, I guess.

Then Steve annoyed a traffic cop who, on his way over to our van, got
hit by a car. That kinda took the pressure off of us and we were able
to make our escape. (Yes, the cop was fine.)

So anyway... the show freakin' rocked. ROCKED, I SAY! First up were
our pals in Defence Mechanism, who put on a great show as always.
Then our other pals in Delica took to the stage and, by all accounts,
put on a great show, as well. I missed most of it, though, because I was
warming up backstage. Yes, that's right. I said "backstage". We aren't
used to playing clubs with backstages, but there it was. And it was full of
sandwiches. (Thanks Chris).

Then came the important part of the night: Us. That 40 minutes went by
real quick, but it was great. Even our minor technical issues didn't
matter too much. Although I warn you, MiniDisc player, I shall taste the
sweet nectar of vengeance. Oh, yes I shall. Mark my words, MiniDisc player,
for you shall meet with the busines end of them, this I promise you.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The show. We gav'er, the audience took'er, and
now my neck hurts from all the thrashing about. But I'm comfortable with

Then our other-other pals (and several new people) in Perdition took to
the stage, but I missed pretty much their entire set due to adrenalyn/packing
up/working the merch booth. I'm sure they'll forgive me.

Then there was Bella Morte who were not at all what I expected. I'm not sure
what I expected, but it wasn't that. Nontheless, they put on a great show and
they were really cool guys. Also they covered "Earth Angel". Yes, the ballad
from the 50s. See what I mean about the unexpected? You gotta like that.

And then, of course, was the mighty Hanzel Und Gretyl. Wow. That was
something. Something heavy. And really, really loud.

I missed some of their set due to load-out, but an old woman on the street
assured me that they were very loud and also "Singing in German. Now they're
swearing. I hear them swearing in German!" She assured me of this fact many,
many times. Then she told me that she saw Skinny Puppy three times but they
didn't swear or speak German. Then she explained to me that our van was red
and also locked.

I will forever be in that woman's debt for this information. Of this, I am

So yeah. Rock show. Big rock show. Big loud rock show. Big loud rock show
with sandwiches and German swearing. It doesn't get much better than that.

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